How To Edit a Transaction Directly In MYOB?

There are two methods of editing a transaction in MYOB software, depends upon the significance of audit mode you utilize in the company. You can select the setting which will let you either change the transaction directly or through an alternative setting where entry needs to be reversed before entering correct transaction details in MYOB software. Here we will focus on how to set and maintain the security of reports where you can directly change the entries and edit the mistakes that is already entered.

How To Edit a Transaction Directly In MYOB

Before altering any transaction keep in mind that: 

You are required to determine and fix your preference to make changes in the transaction. It means you can modify the transaction if you are allowed to do so. You can easily identify the entry which can be changed with white zoom arrow (->) available next to it.

Go to Preference window and in Security tab just deselect the 'Transactions Can't be Changed; They Must be reversed' if you want to modify your transaction. You can use this option anytime if your user role permits you to change the settings.

Transactions which cannot be changed are: 

  • A bank deposit, Transfer Money or a refund cheque can't be changed once entered. These transactions can only be delete or reverse. 
  • Whatever transactions are entered during closed financial year. But there might be some adjustments you want to record in the last financial year accounts. You can modify the entries by rolling back the financial year.
  • Transactions entered during locked period. For changing, you first have to unlock the period. Keep in mind changing these details will directly affect your accounts and tax reports.

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