Use of Find Transactions In MYOB

In this blog, we will Support you in troubleshooting errors in your company report. How to look out for the MYOB Transaction with the help of Find Transactions and also how to fix the mistake.

The 'Find Transactions' window lets you to scan and detect the information recorded in the MYOB software earlier. For this, you can use the information which is handy. Keep in mind that this tool let you dig each and every entry in depth.

Follow The Steps To Search For a Transaction - 

  • From the flowchart section of main command center select Transactions Journal.
  • You will see different tabs consist of multiple journals in MYOB software. Pick the suitable tab for your search and enter the dates required in Date From and To columns to locate the required entry.
  • In Find Transactions enter as many search specifics you want to look out for using the details you have in your hand.
  • You can locate the transaction by using account, card, invoice, bill, category or item. It implies you can go through every single entry in detail.

How to Access the window -

  • Click Find Transactions from the bottom of any command center and press CTRL+Y on your keyboard simultaneously.
  • On the next window you can hunt for the information you are looking for like for example- searching through Card tab.
  • For sorting out use Search By and date range drop down menu. You will see the results based on your search.
You can also limit the search by: 
  • Go to the Advanced Filters window through Advanced tab.
  • Click OK after typing or choosing additional search filters. You will the matched transaction in the Find Transactions window. 

To have a clear look, you can use the (->) icon to zoom it. For quick help call on MYOB Support Number NZ +64-04-8879113. MYOB can be tricky sometimes and you can get confuse with next step. 

In those times, Get in touch with experts at Contact MYOB Support New Zealand We are here to help you 24/7.

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