Verified Steps To Delete Ex-Employees From MYOB Payroll

Hello, MYOB users! So, you are looking to delete the ex-employees from your payroll account. Well, that’s a really great decision, as generally the ex-employees must be removed to avoid conflict with the regular payout, yearly leaves and alternative holidays. Once you have made the final payment of the previous employees, you can easily keep a track of existing employees by deleting all the ex. Hereby, the steps verified by the consultants operating at MYOB Tech Support NZ have been shared. These steps are verified as per all security parameters and users can follow them easily. 

Verified Steps To Delete Ex-Employees From MYOB Payroll

If you fail to delete the ex-employees from the payroll, then such employees will appear every time during payout and create confusion. Follow the steps mentioned below if you are unable to delete the ex-employees and wish to enter a Finish Date.

Verified steps to remove Ex-Employee

Step 1. First, you need to move to the option Maintenance and click the tab appearing as Maintain Employee. Now,  choose employee you wish to delete.

Step 2. In the second step, you will check the Leave Details of the employee along with the Annual Leave. These options will appear under the Holiday Pay bar.

Step 3. Make sure the no holiday balance pay is pending and the annual leave balance appear as 0. Also, delete the additional balance and make a note of this for future reference.

Step 4. Now, you need to enter the Other Leave section of the employee.

Step 5. Cross check the alternative leave balance and make sure it appears as 0.

Step 6. Next, under the Employment details, you need to enter the finish date for removing the employee.

Step 7. Finally, this employee will appear in the list of Ex-employees and will never show in future.
Verified Steps To Delete Ex-Employees From MYOB

MYOB has also a connection with the Intuit registered software, so if you have any such linking and facing problem while managing ex-employees, then dial the MYOB Support Number +64-04-8879113. A friendly customer representative will answer your queries in the best way. 

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