How To Setup Default Sales Information of Customers In MYOB?

The MYOB application allows you to manage your company’s account successfully where you are able to manage and keep the record of transactions of your clients and sales made by your customers. You can easily store transactions relating to your customers; however, in order to record this transaction, you need to set up your customers in
your application. First, you need to specify the default sales information of your customers. Here we are going to discuss how this works.

How to set up default sales advice?

The default sales advice in this application applies to all clients unless you edit the advice. You need to edit this default advice before adding clients to your list; you can save your time by not having to enter the same advice again and again for a number of customers.
  • In order to setup the default sale information, you need to open the Sales Easy Setup Assistant. Open Sales Setup Assistant and go to menu bar and click on Easy Setup Assistant.
  • Then Easy Setup Assistant window will open where you can manage diverse divisions of your MYOB application.
  • Then you have to click on “Sales Easy Setup Assistant. Now you get a chance to enter the information of your clients like credit terms for any sort of discount your offer to your customers for an early repayment of their account.
  • You can navigate from the page by clicking on “Next” button and you can select an appropriate option from the list. Please note that default information is entered into the first six options in the list.
  • The individual customer account is set up with the help of historical sale window and customer cards.
  • It’s better to open your MYOB application and go through it once rather than read about the different default options.
  • These first six boxes will help you in entering the sale information of your customers and once you enter the information and you are done with the Sale Easy Setup Assistant.
In case, you are not able to do so or getting puzzled, not to worry, speak with an expert by dialling MYOB support number +64-04-8879113.

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